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  • La Garde-Freinet is situated in the Provence-Alpes Cote d'Azur

    Just over an hours drive from Nice airport, 30 mins from Saint-Tropez

  • La Garde Freinet, Coté d'Azur... & more

    a few of our favourite things

    La Garde Freinet

    'LGF' as we like to call it... is a beautifull little artists' village, tucked away in the Provence Alpes

    about 30 mins drive from the hustle & bustle of St Tropez (not too far away, so you can pop in and grab a pair of Rondini's, then out again without anybody spotting you). Of an evening you will hear a little Bossa Nova floating through the air as you sit enjoying the local Rosé outside one of the handful of bars along the cobbled main street.

    Restaurants fill the square at one end of the street & the other is just big enough to have a market that appears twice a week. LGF is a picturesque village lovely to stumble upon, close enough to St Tropez to satisfy your needs...

    then back up the mountain to a little secret hideaway


    Gigaro beach

    83420 La Croix Valmer

    Our favourite beach to hit is around 40 mins drive down the mountain, through beautifull vineyards and lavender fields, past small roadside fruit vendors... a chilled picturesque beach popular with the locals and a million miles away from the over hyped beach of Pampelonne.

    Couleurs Jardin

    83420 La Croix Valmer

    If you are going to have one real treat while you are on Gigaro beach, then it's lunch (or dinner) at the Couleurs Jardin, simply stunning... the setting (the restaurant is under the canopy of a old gnarled tree) the food is excellent, if it gets to sunny where you are, simply grab a beaten up old straw hat that seem to be everywhere (of course!).

    This will become possibly your favourite restaurant anywhere... it is ours!


    La Brocante

    Quartier Roberts, 83310 Grimaud

    Le Jas des Roberts happens every Sunday, set in the shade of Olive trees.

    It's where all the St Tropezians buy & sell their vintage pieces.

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